Febyolla Goss launched her career in the fashion and beauty industry at the young age of 16, serving as a model for fashion and beauty in her home country of Indonesia. She graced the pages of dozens of magazines, was the face of banks, automobile brands, home supply brands, and many more. At 25, she relocated to the United States with her husband, Dustin Goss. And now helps build the family businesses and is blessed with two children and a happy family.

Febyolla was drawn to the business world by her true passion: a love of family combined with education. She pursued this calling by obtaining a degree in Business Management. Together with her husband, Dustin Goss, a serial entrepreneur, they co-founded BUCK Academy in 2019 and later established BUCKOne in 2021. The couple also made a significant impact in the area of youth personal finance by publishing series of books, which were written by Dustin and illustrated by Febyolla herself.

Febyolla infuses her talents of whimsical illustration and a rich imagination into the BUCK character series. She utilizes her creative skills to educate children on the important financial skills and knowledge they will need to carry with them throughout their lives.

Febyolla is a highly organized woman entrepreneur who successfully balances her passion for fashion with her business ventures. She is always open to collaborating with others, especially in the fashion and business industries. Her ultimate goal is to help people not only look good on the outside, but also feel beautiful and confident within themselves. 



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